Thank you for giving Skips 4 Africa the opportunity to present our Waste Management Program that we are able to implement to you as our valued customer partners.

We are a registered level 4 BBBEE qualified contractor, contributing 100% of our spent to your status.
Implementation of our integrated waste management services, we commit to provide you with waste services that suit your particular waste management requirements. We actively manage your waste stream (Both in terms of incoming and out-going) and aim at giving you the best value for money and a clean and healthy environment.

You can also contribute in reducing your carbon footprint by disposing your waste in the correct manner.  Any kind of waste potentially has a disastrous impact on the environment if it is not disposed and collected the right way. 

Disposing of waste in an environmental friendly manner is as important as having it collected, transported and recycled.

As responsible citizens of South Africa, it is our duty to contribute to a greener environmental friendly environment.